May 19, 2011

Did you know that your car emits approximately one tonne of carbon dioxide for every 5000 kilometres that you drive?  Are you aware that approximately 13% of Canada’s carbon dioxide emissions are due to the light trucks and cars on our roads?  The time when we could look the other way or distance ourselves from the need for environmental consciousness is over.

These were some of the most enlightening and disconcerting items presented by Ron Groves at the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce ecoDriver event held on May 19.  As is always the case with Chamber events, this was a lunch ‘n learn that was extremely informative and attended by business members in our community.

We at EPICITI are especially concerned about issues such as greenhouse gases and emissions due to the mobile nature of our business.  With our focus of house call and in home dentures and denture services, our vehicles are in constant motion.  Both for the sake of economy and for our role as responsible citizens of this community, we are dedicated to any efforts that can be made toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A number of vital suggestions emerged from this workshop that we believe are worthwhile to send to our clients and site visitors.  For instances, driving efficiently encompasses a number of simple tips.  As much as possible, maintain a constant speed, minimizing fuel consumption.  Check the air in your tires – there is a clear-cut association between proper tire inflation and fuel economy.

Another suggestion is to drive less.  As simple as this may seem, investigate car pools or methods by which you can make one trip achieve numerous objectives. Purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle and realize both reduced costs for fuel consumption and greater kilometres per gallon. Finally, do proper research and education.  Numerous organizations such as ecoDriver are available to you from such sources as Green Communities Canada, Natural Resources Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Community Go Green Fund.

You can be confident that if you are an EPICITI valued client, the vehicle that visits your home or long-term care facility is efficient, well-maintained and its owners wholly committed to being models for economical gas consumption and minimal greenhouse gas emissions.